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Captivating true dog story book with a powerful message for anyone who believes dogs are family. New, best dog book for Kids  Preteens  Adults  Veterans Too


"Best dog book I ever read"

Dog Lovers Book


" Bo Dog Book is a dog lover's book that's an easy read with deep meaning. It doesn't matter how old you are. If you likes to read true dog story books, it will speak to your heart."   Vince  16

Best Dog Book


"Best Dog Book I ever read, makes me think about what's important in life"

George  Dog lover 70

Favorite Dog Book


"My third grade teacher cried when she read Bo Dog Book to our class. Almost all of us kids cried. I still think it's the best dog book."  Nella 9  Fourth grade

A Dog Lover's Story Book

Bo Dog's True Story


Wildhawk's 98 years old when he first comes to Silver Hill and makes his last camp down under the highway. He's outlived all of his family and is truly alone until a  local gives him dignified Bo Dog, the best dog he ever had. 

Eventually, Wildhawk gets sick and they have to leave camp for help. Bo struggles  as he helps pull Wildhawk up Silver Hill. He pulls so hard his belly almost touches the ground. Wildhawk's too sick to return to camp, but they can't find a place to live.

Dogs Are Family


People at the care centers said, "We can take you, but not the dog." Wildhawk told them, "We're family. We go together." He thanked Haley, his friend, for letting them stay in his shop until they found a place. Haley said, "Veterans help other veterans."

Hope fades, and it seems almost certain they'll be forced to separate, when an amazing surprise occurs. And just like that, the happiest days of their incredible journey are ahead. Most of all, Bo dog's off the chain and free at last!


About Author/Daisy (pen name)

Daisy is 81 years old, retired, and lives in seclusion. She doesn't consider herself a writer, but after being a part of their journey as the live-in caregiver, she felt Bo Dog's incredible true dog story book must be shared.  

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