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Bo Dog's Story leaves
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"Best dog book I ever read"

Dogs Are Family

"A gentle and unique dog story told with love and respect for a dog who was a true companion, that comes through so vividly." Karen Librarian

"It doesn't matter how old you are. If you believe dogs are family, Bo Dog's Story will make you cry." Jesse 17

"There's lots of story in this little book. It's priceless. " Veteran

Captures Your Heart


"Best Dog Book I ever read, makes me think about what's important in life"

George  Dog lover 70

Kids Love Bo Dog's Story

"My teacher cried when she read Bo Dog Book to our class. We all cried. Now, it's our favorite book."  Nella 8

"Bo Dog's True Story Book should win the Best Dog Book Award." Andy 12

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Captivating Dog Story with A Powerful Message


Wildhawk's 98 years old when he first comes to Silver Hill and makes his last camp down under the highway. He's outlived all of his family and is truly alone until a  local gives him Bo Dog, the best dog he ever had. 

Wildhawk teaches Bo to help as they struggle through the harsh challenges of living homeless. Through it all, Bo acts as if loving and watching over the old American Hero is his life's purpose. 


Eventually, Wildhawk gets sick and they have to leave camp for help. Bo struggles with all his strength as he helps pull Wildhawk up Silver Hill. He pulls so hard his belly's almost touching the ground.

People at the care centers said, "We can take you, but not the dog." Wildhawk told them, "We're family. We go together." He thanked Haley, his friend, for letting them stay in his shop until they found a place. Haley said, "Veterans help other veterans."


Hope fades and it seems almost certain that they'll be forced to separate. As plans are being made an amazing surprise occurs! It's more than anything Wildhawk has ever dreamed for them. 

And just like that, the happiest days of their incredible journey are ahead. Yes, best of all, Bo Dog's off the chain and free at last!

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