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Bo Dog's Purpose

Wildhawk's 98 years old when he first comes to Silver Hill. Penniless and alone  he makes his last camp down under the highway. He's truly alone until a local gives him Bo Dog who he believes is a gift from the Great Spirit and was born just for him. Bo acts like it's true. It's obvious that he loves old Wildhawk more than anyone. He proves it every day.

Bo Dog Saves their lives

Month after month they struggle through the harsh challenges of living homeless. Through it all, Bo acts as if watching over Wildhawk is his only purpose in life. He packs their water. He buries their garbage. He helps pull Wildhawk up Silver Hill. He even saves their lives. Most of all, he doesn't allow anyone near the Old American Hero unless Wildhawk tells Bo, "It's OK."

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Bo Dog Winks Back

Wildhawk gets sick and they have to leave camp, but can't find a place that allows dogs. People offer to take Bo Dog, but not Wildhawk. He tells them, "We're family. We go together." He winks at Bo, and Bo winks back. As all hope of finding a place fades, an amazing surprise appears. Just like that, Bo's off the chain and free at last! The best part of their journey continues...

"Best dog book I ever read"

Dogs Are Family

"A gentle and unique dog story told with love and respect for a dog who was a true companion, that comes through so vividly." Karen Librarian

"It doesn't matter how old you are. If you believe dogs are family, Bo Dog's True Story will make you cry." Jesse 17

"There's a powerful message in this little book." Wayne  Veteran

Captures Your Heart

If you believe dogs are family Bo Dog's True Story will capture your heart and make you cry.  Best d

"Best Dog Book I ever read, Makes you think about what's important in life"

George  Dog lover 70

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True Dog Story

"If you want your kids to read a dog book that has a moral to the story, this is it! My kids love it, and I do too!"   Rebecca Parent

"My teacher cried when she read Bo Dog Book to our class. We all cried. Now, it's our favorite book."  Nella 8

"Bo Dog's True Story Book should win the Best Dog Book Award."Andy 12

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